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    ***Toms new website***

    Here is Toms new site that I am putting together for him.

    It will showcase his tank from start to present.

    I hope you all like it. It's not complete ( cause there isn't 28hrs in a day) but you will get the jest of it.

    And considering this will be the first time Tom see's it...I hope he will like it to.

    Let me know what you's think.

    It's not on a dedicated server...just on my sympatico account webspace. When its all done it will be part of the NEW Oakville Reef Gallery site.

    Flavio will also have a tank showcase website.

    Click Here For Toms Tank

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    It is now on there webspace

    Click here for Toms Tank

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    Looks like a good start to a great site... keep it up Mitchell!!


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    I really want to start a website up,

    My tanks aren't all that big, i have a 47gal with 10 gal sump and a 50 gal cube and a 20 gal fuge so some people may not find it all that intresting thats all i'm worried about

    Nice site tho
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    The site looks great, but you should probably know that 'peice' is the incorrect spelling of 'piece'. Sorry for being a pain in the butt. The site is gorgeous though.

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    great site!!

    I befor E except after C eh sara

    Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple

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