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Thread: My Reef

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    My Reef

    Here are some photographs of my current reef.

    The tank is 72 gallons made by Miracles I believe.

    Lighting- 2 x400 watt Radiums
    Euroreef skimmer
    Sea swirl return
    Kalkwasser Reactor by Mugster
    40 gallon acryllic refugium

    Here is the tank. It's been running since Dec 2003.

    The following are new images

    An umbrella frag

    Unknown Wrasse

    1 of 3 brains

    A limpet

    Before my copperband

    Clown in her home

    Neat milli

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    WOW looks great mitchell hope mine turns out 1/100 that good and i'd be plenty happy!!!

    Tank: 77gal reef, deltec AP600 skimmer, 440W VHO lighting.
    Livestock:Coral beauty, Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, magenta dottyback, 3 stripe damsel, yellow tail damsel, coral banded shrimp

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    great photos u got there. how do u make them so nice?
    My Photos

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