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    Angry Algae and Phosphate problem

    The Algae seems to grow really fast in my tank. I am not sure whether it's a good or bad thing. Every day I return home, the sand base and some rocks are covered with RED algae. I test the phosphate level, it seems that it is pretty high during the day (about 0.25 mg/l) but low in the night (about 0.1mg/l)

    I don't know whether it has anything to do with the solutions that I put into the tank daily.

    I actually did a 15 gallon water change last week (by using purified water from stores) and applied Kent Phosphate sponge, but it seems like things are not improving. However, all fish and corals seems to be pretty healthy.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions?

    I have these in my tank
    This is my first ever salt water tank. It was set up on July 11, 2004. A long looking 55 gallon tank. What's in the tank:

    1. 75 Lb Fiji Live rock
    2. 2 power heads: RIO 400 + 1 Zoo Med SP-40
    3. Protien skimmer: Red sea
    4. Coralife 4 X65 W Power compact with Lunar Light
    5. Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel 400 Power Filter

    1. Blue devil Dem sel
    2. Maroon crown fish (2)
    3. Yellow Tang
    4. Blue Tang
    5. Cow fish
    6. Copperband Butterfly
    7. Yellow longnose Butterfly
    8. Spotted Cardinal

    1. Bulb Anemone (bought 2 but became 3)
    2. Sexy Anemone Shrimp
    3. Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
    4. Blue Leg hermit crabs (30)
    5. Snails (10)
    6. Flame Scallop
    7. Horseshoe crab

    1. Torch Coral
    2. Green bubble coral
    3. Green hammer coral
    4. Sun Polyp
    5. Sunshine Zoo
    6. Orange/blue Ricordia
    7. Cauliflower Colt coral
    8. Green star polyp
    9. Spotted mashroom
    10. Mushroom leather
    11. Flowerpot
    12. Favties brain coral
    13. Brown Gorgonian
    14. Purple Finger Leather
    15. Red Polyp
    16. Mixed rock (with brown zo, green zo, geen star polyps)
    No fish nor corals are allowed to die in my tank !

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    You have a big bioload for me for a 55gal, it can be one of the reason of your problem. You could be overfeeding your tank too.

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    It does seem like you have alot of live stock in that tank for only being 3 months old. What kind of water do you use for top off and water changes, RO/D.I.? Also how much, and often do you feed the tank, and what types of foods. I would definatly recomend a new skimmer especially if you have a heavily stocked tank like yours. Red sea skimmers are not very good IMO.


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    If you want to keep so many fish in the display tank, you may need to add a sump to increase the water volume.

    Getting purified water from stores is non-economical and inconvenient. You probably better off using RO/DI made from you home.

    Your bio-wheel filter may also accumulate nitrate. How often do you clean it? It should be cleaned at least twice a week IMO and should only be treated as a mechanical filter.

    You need to siphon out the brown stuff and do some water changes, reduce feeding, etc. until the situation improves.

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    If you are feeding alll those fish and inverts the correct amount of food that they need,IMO thats your problem.You have too much of a bioload for the tank you have,plus its only 3 months old.

    DO you have the red sea pro deluxe or the rea sea regular fro up tp 100 gallons?

    As for your red algea is it like a carpet of slime type of thing?

    I remember my tank had that problem at first and then I added more water movement in the tank to get rid of any dead slime dont like currents......

    If its red slime it can be dangerous for you inverts.....

    Like Apoon said You will need a bigger volume if you want to keep all those in a healthy state on the long run without any problems....Go for the biggest sump you can put.Its not much of a space problem i think its a volume problem.

    Phospahtes are sometimes hard to get rid of.How long did you leave the phosphate sponge in?BEcause if left more than 2 days i think, the phospahtes can be rereleased in the tank.

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    I think I could overfed the fish. I feed them twice a day with brine shrimp (frozen), blood worms (frozen) and flakes

    I am planning to get a RO system in the house, until then I will have to buy those purified water from stores.
    No fish nor corals are allowed to die in my tank !

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    I use Red sea Prizm skimmer
    I think I am having red slime problem
    I took a closer look today, only the sand bed and the area which doesn't receive a lot of current has this problem. I will get another power head or current maker today and red slime remover and do another water change.
    No fish nor corals are allowed to die in my tank !

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    Your prizm skimmer is probably not up to the job. A lot of people gave bad ratings on this skimmer.

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    i use a prizm skimmer on my 20gallon nano.. and it does ok of a job...

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    It kinda sounds like Cyano Bacteria, or red slime algae. I have a slight problem with this also, but mine is due to high phosphates that I cant seem to bring down. More tank flow may also help rid yourself of the problem. As a last resort, there are chemical solutions that apparently work very well. I just cant seem to thaink of the name....

    27 Gallon Saltwater tank, 110W PC Light, Seaclone 100, 5 gallon HOB Fuge,Approx. 30lbs Live rock, Aragamax sand substrate.
    Tomato clown, Mandarin dragonnet, Bicolor Angel, Assorted hermits and snails, Cleaner Shrimp.
    Assorted mushrooms, Zoanthids, Finger Leather.

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