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    My tank at 6 months


    I haven't put in much effort into this tank ever since I got bitten by the bigger tank wish bug.

    However, here are some pictures of it at 6 months still in its infancy stage:

    Tank Specs:

    72 Gallon Oceanic Bowfront drilled.
    Acrylic Canopy With 2 100mm fans (Built ny Harley).
    2 20K MH driven by Electronic Ballast.
    PM 626 Skimmer Driven by GenX4100 pump
    15 Gallon Sump with MAG 9.5 for return.
    1 RIO 1100 and 1 Maxijet 1200 for circulation.
    80 Lbs Liverock, 30 lbs deadrock waiting to go in there.
    2 " Shallow bed of Arogamax Sand.

    I Dose Calcium, Iodine and other trace elements once a week.

    Water changes once in 6 weeks (20%). I have to hook up an RO/Di unit I am at the moment using tap water. Since this tank will be shut down in 4 months, I have been postponing the hook up..


    PH: 8.1
    CA 440
    Sp.Gr. : 1.0024
    Temp : 80F
    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    Nitrite: 0ppm
    Nitrate: 5 ppm (Untraceable amount)


    6" LongNose Butterfly (Waiting for New Home 500 Gallon)
    Yellow Tang
    Flame Hawk
    2 False Perculas

    2 Cleaner Shrimps
    1 Feather Duster
    7 Turbo Snails
    50 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs
    5 Nassarius Snails

    Only 10 different specis of Coral in there.


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    looks good Venki! those mushrooms are really taking off. have you decided were your getting your big tank?

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    Nice Long nose Fly you got there Venki

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    Looking great! I love your longnose butterflyfish too. I can't wait to get mine. Looks like you have some good coralline growth going. That's a really nice long tentacled anemone too, are the clownfish interested at all?

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    I just got those mushrooms & GSP from a hobbyist (You should see his tank all rock is covered with that mushroom) for 10$ each, the rock by itself is worth that much I think.

    Thanks for the comments.

    The LongNose Butterfly is really cool. The clowns haven't ventured to the side where the anemone is, actaully they sty put near the other end of the tank and don't venture out too much.


    As for the material I have 2 choices either going acrylic or Glass. The minimum quantity I can buy acrylic is 1 tonees I guess it makes 5 TANKS 8 x 3 x 3 IN SIZE. I can may be accomodate 2 tanks but need buyers for the other 3, So I am still in a Dilemma, Meanwhile I just drew the wire from the panel to the fish tank location, lots of work to do, dry walling, ceiling, flooring, etc.

    The Coralline is not much as I run my lights for only 5 hours a day, since it is in my den, I find the lighting it too bright when I am working in there (small office). I had the tank running on one light for 5 months I just lit the other side.

    Will see how it goes.


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    Looking Good Venki,
    Those 20K`s looks real nice.:yay:


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

    265 gl SPS Reef. AquaScape Marco Rock 150lbs ( Upgrading to a 300gl Deep Dimension)
    Ecotech Radion Pro x 4 & Ecotech ReefLink
    Decante 75g
    Pompe de Remonte PCX55
    Reef Octopus SRO-5000SSS
    Reacteur Sulphur H&S Pour Nitrate
    2x Phosban 550

    Frag Tank:
    Perfect0 45 cube sur le system central
    Totoka LR 50lb
    Radion Gen2
    Vortech MP10W

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