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    My 72 Bow...56k warning

    Its been up since mid September and looking good so far. Im trying to find that 1 fish that will complete it. What would you suggest, has to be a big fish.

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    Looking good DARK

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    Lookin good! That Turbinaria Peltata looks mighty happy!

    As for another fish, how about a Genicanthus Angel, like:

    Genicanthus Lamarks:


    Genicanthus Semifasciatus Male:

    Genicanthus Semifasciatus Female:

    or maybe if you can find one, a
    Genicanthus Bellus female:
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    DARK, looks good. Quite a difference since MASO. You have some very nice additions.

    Looking for a new fishie? I see Ivan has a Kole Tang. I am happy with mine. Except he is currently in quarantine, ick. Liveaquaria claims they need 70 gallon tank and will grow to 7". Just a thought.
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    your pics wont come up dark, can u post em again cheers
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    Nice setup dark. Congrats.Llike reefmania said, a kole tang would be a nice addition, or a white cheek, gold rim or powder brown tang or a chevron tang as the last fish to add. These would add some nice color variety to the tank. However not sure if they would see eye to eye with the yellow tang.

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    Thx for the kinda comments guys. Im not sure another tang would work well and angels seem to grow bigger then the system could afford. Im at a crossroads, all the nicer fish I cant keep for one reason or another.

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    Looking very nice Dark! I really like the Genicanthus Bellus Female that TangMan's awesome!
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