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    The marine rockgarden

    Here is a photo of the center portion of my marine rockgarden after about nine months. I'll post other portions at a later date.

    In setting up my reef tank, I have received lots of advice and guidance from retailers (particularly Marinescape), MASO members and others. Frags from many MASO members (some rec'd as gifts, some purchased) adorn the live rock. Thanks to all of you for your help and guidance.

    Carolpol: Your Kenyan Tree Coral is doing well (bottom centre)

    Nighty: Your zoos are magnificent (centre of photo and elsewhere) and the monastrea plate that I received form you (top of reef) seems to have fully recovered from the bleaching event that followed its unfortunate encounter with your candy coral.

    Percula99/Johnny Rock - The red and orange montipora digitata have now been joined by a purple frag of m. d. from Johnny Rock (top of reef).

    Liv - The orange/pink ricordea took a while to recover from its initial transfer stress but appears to be fully recovered now (upper left side of photo)

    Before anyone mentions them, the aptasia-like creatures growing from the rock in the lower left corner of the photo have been there for nine months and unlike aptasia have not been spreading. The peppermint shrimp ate all of my aptasia but leaves this rock's inhabitants alone. BTW This rock is also home to my mantis shrimp which will be eventually caught and moved.


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    Looking very nice.

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    Yes, very nice looking.
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    Very nice colors keep it up

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    Maybe the mantis is reason why your peppermint doesn't go there. He doesn't want his arse cicked. LOL.

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    very nice
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    Pics -->

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    I like it. Looks realy good.
    How big tank is?
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    very nice..!
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    Tank is very similar in size to a retail 40 gallon low.

    I built it myself so the measurements are a bit different than the commercial 40 gallon.

    I have it 'hung' on the stud wall in the basement. The surroundings look more like the 'behind the scenes' open area jumble of cords and plumbing arrangements of most others display tanks. Definitely of the basement fish room character and not furniture display quality.

    Visitors get to sit in the rocking chair in front of it though and are sometimes tough to move afterwards!

    Basically 4 foot by 1 foot by 16 inches with 6 four foot flourescents hung about three to four inches above the water surface. Tubes are NO - three 6500K and 3 actinics. They are set up on two separate timers. Two actinics come on earlier and stay on later than the rest. I arrived at a minimum level of 6500K lighting through trial and error to support the macro green and brown algaes that I like growing among the corals and then I use the actinics to extend or decrease the photo period for all of the corals and coralline. So far I have avoided troublesome green algae problems in this fashion but also my fish population is minimal so that also helps.

    For fish interests I have about 300 gallons of fresh water in other tanks so not in a great hurry to have finned marine creatures.

    PS According to my sons the xenia in the picture are very similar to the shorter ones which you have but more silverish under your lighting. They are pinkish tan colour under my lights when extended but silverish when not extended.

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