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    Senior Member chujai's Avatar
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    Nov 2006

    First to post in Nano!

    Just like to post a picture or two of my gf's nano cube.

    its the older model with only 1 24w 50/50 bulb in it...
    would like to upgrade to a dx model hood, with moon lights, and nanocustoms 72w upgrade... but for price of all, i might just buy a 24gal version instead... well see...

    full tank shot

    Live stock include:
    Fish: Yellow head jawfish, hes very shy.
    Zoas: green stuff, pink stuff, green/orange stuff sorry i dont know the names... gf just went on spree at redbellys....
    Yuma/Rics: green ric, blue ric, orange with green mouth yuma
    Soft: Xenia from my tank
    LPS: Torch, Hammer
    Pistol shrimp, i had 10 blue legs, and 10 misc snails as well.

    bunch of mixed live rock, some Haitian lettuce, Marshal Island, Figi...

    I put a maxijet 900 in the back, all chambers are filled with rubble...

    anyone can recommend some good macro algae that doesn't require light?


    the Shy little fish

    once i left the feeding door open, and he jumped out, i went to take a look at tank, the tip of my toe was on him... i quickly put him back in, and he survived...

    im Looking to add another one of these jaw fishes, i heard they do better in pairs... so if any sponsers on this forum gets a hold of one, let me know please

    and here's one when i just started it up.

    anyone else on here has a nano cube? maybe share some experience on moding more flow, lighting etc... i really hate having another pump in there but for now thats all i can do

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    Doesn't all algae or all plant life require light????

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    Nov 2006
    yay i love answers that are questions...

    im not sure on this one but i heard certain types of macro algae doesnt go well when cycled light and no light like going sexual (whatever that means), so either keep light on them all the time, or dont have any direct lighting on them at all...

    anyone else heard of this?

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    I've heard this said about "Grape Caulerpa".

    Going sexual means two things: 1) it puts it's energy into reproduction and 2) it finds it's way into your tank.

    If it finds it's way to your rockwork, you'll need to have a good set of algae eaters to keep it under control.

    I don't know of any algae that will a) grow in darkness or near darkness and b) effectively remove nutrients.
    Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

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    Hi there, I have a BioCube 8 and I have put the pump inton one of the back area, with some plumbing work I got only a small 90 degree pipe into the tank, so I have more flow and I don't reduce my space!! I will post some pics as soon as I get a good camera:b8: (phones are not that good).

    But aside the pump, nice tank but watch out for that Xenia they spread fast!!

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    Sep 2006
    I love the jawfish. Too bad my 2 died within a couple of months.
    65g - 80lbs LR - 4x36" 39W T5 HOs (2x10000K,2xActinics) - CSS125 - 25g sump - Mag 7 return - Blueline SD-1100 Closed Loop with OM Squirt * 2x Amphiprion ocellaris - 1x Paracanthurus hepatus - 1x Zebrasoma flavescens
    29g - with stuff ;-)
    Coming Soon - 120g with more stuff

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    Looks very nice. I too like the jawfish. I have two and they are always 5' appart so I am not sure about better in pairs.

    As for macro algae they all need light to grow as they are photosynthetic. As cres said the caleurpa family can go asexual and release everything back into the water. Cheato would be a good choice as it does not root and can run on a limited photo period without issues.

    If you upgrade your current nano would make a great dwarf seahorse tank :b15:
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    Nov 2006
    i was going to do a seahorse tank... but gf dont like them... haha ive seen some videos of these yellow head gobies together.. hopefully with a smaller tank they will forced to be friends ... and not enemies...

    i guess i just gotta find a way to get some light in the back for now then...

    joker, i would like to see what you have done to add flow in your tank too... that mj there just sticks out like a sore thumb...

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    Chujai, I have put the maxi jet in the back compartement with some 1/2 inch plumbing to make it go into the tank, 3 90 degrees and a couple of inch of PVC pipe should do the trick, you just have to take the part where the flow comes out on your mj and plumb this hole. After that just stick yor pump in the back compartement of your tank.

    I will post some pics like I said when I get a good camera.

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    Thats a nice little tank you got set up. How long has it been up and running?

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