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Thread: Whats the best?

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    Whats the best?

    Can anyone tell me which of the following is the best?
    Nano Cube / Bio Cube / Aqua Pod

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    Hi and welcome to Aquaria Canada

    I assume you are referring to the JBJ Nano Cube, the Oceanic Bio Cube and the AquaPod from I don't know who makes it.

    well, locally, I know marinescape sells the Aquapod and heard good reviews on it. they all have different gallons, but all use glass. personnaly, if they all look similar in specs.. i'd take the biggest in G. and light ratings. I wouldn't worry much with skimmers perf.. as water changes are very easy to do on smaller tanks.

    my 0.02

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    I like the clean/contained look of the JBJ Nano Cube... I agree with liv on the no skimemr option... water changes are not expensive and will give the nano the reduced TDS aswell as steady additives.


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    I have a JBJ nano cube 14GAL i don't like it the lights they suck and the pump that came with it broke in just over a year.
    It's now my QT(LOL).

    I have heard that the bio cube is great it has alot of room for mods later on..
    go with 29Gal if u deside to do the bio cube..

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    There is also the red sea 34gal BUT they are alot of $$.

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    Typical upgrades/mods to the BioCube/NanoCube type all in one kits are:
    1. Lights
      • remove the hood and use a MH or similar that sits over the open top
      • if you want to keep the clean stock look, get a DIY light upgrade from (I have the 3.24 72W upgrade on order for my BC14)
    2. Pump
      • ditch the stock pump for a more powerful and energy efficient (meaning less heat as well) one like the MaxiJet 900
      • install a wave maker like the Hydor Koralia Nano
    3. Filter
      • remove all of the filter material, and use filter floss to trap debris (filter floss is cheap)
      • chemi-pure, etc. can be placed in the second chamber
      • heater can be placed in the 1st or 3rd chamber (in a BC, I think the JBJ NC only has 2 chambers)
      • many choose to use the second chamber as a fuge - macro algae like Chaeto can be placed in there as long as you have a light source (I'm trying the 2.1 fuge light from nanocustoms)
    I'm still in the process of setting up my first nano reef, so none of the above-recommended mods has been tried by me personally... yet. :b15:

    Does anyone else have upgrades or mod suggestions?

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