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    Homemade Super small Skimmer Plans

    Here are the plans for a super small skimmer, that is flexible enough to fit in any small tank or filter. And all it cost is about $5.00 Dollars. This is the skimmer I made for the one gallon tank and it works well

    If you plan on any modifications please let me know so can do it to mine.

    A thank you from all that use the plan would be nice so we know how many people used and made the plans better.

    Good Luck
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    One thing I'd suggest is that you add another inverted bottle top to funnel the upflowing air/water into the top tube (Piece 6 "Big clear tubing") Otherwise, I suspect you have bubbles rising and filling the area around this piece. You probably also have some "burping" from the air escaping this area.

    I also don't see a the way you are forcing a turnover of the water in the body of the skimmer. The way you have it mounted in the filter, I suspect you have water passing by the bottom of the big tube (Piece 1), but, force through the big tube.

    Can you a sketch of the way it is mounted in the filter box?
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