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    Newbie to Nano-Reefing

    I just set up my new 12-gallon nano cube two days ago. I'm cycling it with live sand and live rock to help speed up the cycling process. I've also added some "cycle" conditioner to help the bacteria population a bit. This is my second marine tank. My first was a 50g FOWLR tank which I had to get rid of due to college starting up. A nano tank will be much easier to transport as I move around.

    My main question involves supplements and additives for corals in the nano cube. Is it necessary to establish good vitamin/supplement quantities in the tank before adding coral? What types of additives are good to start with? Is there one "super product" with all necessary vitamins/minerals/supplements in it that I can use?

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    I run a 26 gallon and do not add any additives... keep up with water changes(I do 5 gallons every 2-3 weeks) and your tank should be fine.


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    my 65 gal, i'd just used the bio calcium & DKH buffer, also turbo calcium, fauna amino acid thats all i dose in my tank seems ok.:b16:

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    Quote Originally Posted by IJO View Post
    keep up with water changes(I do 5 gallons every 2-3 weeks) and your tank should be fine.
    i agree, for that size tank water changes are the easiest method of maintaining nutrients and water quality.

    what salt are you using??


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    I totally agree that the water change is good enough. And it is the best.

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