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    Items for sale...

    I am in the process of dismatling my 75g saltwater tank and have a few items for sale...

    Precision Marire HOT-1 protein skimmer, hang on tank up to 100g, maxi-jet powerhead, excellent condition, bought for $300 plus shipping, willing to take $175 ONO...

    8 watt UV sterlizer, hang on tank, bulb only 3 months old, asking $75.00...

    Reef builder 250g, $7.00
    Reef Complete 500ml, $14.00
    Reef Plus 500ml, $14.00

    Instant Ocean Salt mix, 160g mix and close to 3/4 left...$60.00

    Hydrometer 12" floating glass - $15.00

    If you are interested in anyof these items just reply and we can set-up a time to view...

    Thanks, Wayne

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    I would like to see some pictures, im interested!

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