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    Crazy Hockey fight!

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    dang....wonder who won?
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    hockey fight

    Definitely one of the better ones I've seen.
    Did they continue the game. Thats what it looks like. And man did you see the goalie swinging his stick at poeples heads? Crazy.

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    um wtf!!!! it looked like a warzone people swinging ther sticks like they were in the movie braveheart. how did they have enough players to finish the game!!

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    I will hope that's an OLD video. If it isn't everyone involved should be baned from the game for life. It looks like something form a movie on pay TV that I watched a part of last week. It was about a team named the "chiefs" Sorry but Hockey is a game ... that's a street fighting match up.

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    Slap Shot is a great movie!!

    There is a league in Quebec I think it is, where it's pretty much known for the fights. I forget the name of the league, but basically it's fighting on ice, with a little bit of hockey. It's crazy, but the teams actually consist of way more tough guys then hockey players. There is probably 2 or 3 fights a period. I like a good hockey fight now and then, but I wouldn't enjoy that.. Some people do though, a lot of people apprently, because the rinks are packed every night. There are videos of this league on the net somewhere.

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    The league is called North american semi-pro league.
    Tough guy's in there get $500 a fight and skill player do get around 400 to $450 per week.

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