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    Just too Funny (and SCARY)!

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    :biglaugh2 I've seen it before! Funny...

    But I would be pissed if that were my tank :rant:
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    "mooom!!! mom!! mommmm!"


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    I came home from a meeting and found 2/3 water gone from my 66g planted tank. The fish had about 4 inches of water and plants over the top of them. My gourami couple were huddled together looking at me like ????!!! what the H E double hockey sticks is going on here. Apparently there was a power outage and the eheim canister popped its little latches letting water spew out from around the top. I don't even know where the water went, except for the stand being wet, everything was dry but alot of books were thrown out to water damage. Lucky I'm on the first floor!!! At least 40g of water was gone.

    And I did not yell..........Mommmmmmmm! Just (**&^%$##@!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    totally would have seen that comming.
    looked like a small tank too, really think weak glass
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