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    Recommendations for a data recovery company

    Title says it all. My portable (USB-based) hard drive has a malfunctioning PCB board controller (according ot the manufacturer) and I want to salvage my data before sending the hard drive to the manufacturer for warranty repair. So, can anyone recommend a company that does not charge an arm and 2 legs for this service?


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    Sorry that I can't recommend a company...they all cost an arm and a leg

    If its determined to be the PCB board, you may be able to recover the data by buy an identical drive and swapping the board. I've done it with a 40g drive and was able to extract all the data out.

    Good luck
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    Not any help but it will let others know what "an arm and a legs" costs.

    Our friends just paid $1500 to recover files from their hard drive!

    Please do backups - CD writer, DVD writer, USB key, second hard drive.

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    I had my wife call around to get some quotes. It seems like the cheapest is at least 300 bucks. But, there is a US-based company that is recommended by the manufacturer, starting at $250 and at 2.50 per gig of data retrieved. I may just go through that route... This data was last backed up 2 months ago, and I have amassed more results and data since then. I want to salvage the last 2 months!


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    hi, as someone already mentioned your best best and cheapest way to recover the data is to find an IDENTICAL drive somewhere and swap the pcb\contoller board on to your dead disk..I've done this a few times and worked every time. Then you could swap the controller boards back to their original disks and give back the drive providing you had borrowed one from a friend etc..Its not a difficult task to perform the swap, making sure you take your time.
    good luck to you!

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    a few stores around the ottawa area can do that for you for about 300$.. like sprint computers for example... maxtor and quantum charge about 1500-1750$ to download and dump everything on dvd's for you.
    I can't stress this enough guys.. backup backup backup ! dvd burners are ~45$ now and blanks when bought in spindles cost .25c each.

    - I do monthly backups on my home pc's.
    - weekly backup of my work laptop.
    - I burn my pictures from weddings and other important work even before looking at them... straight from the memory card to a dvd. the rest of the pictures take the monthly backup process.

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