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    Going to Las Vegas...... Any interesting Aquarium Displays to check out?

    I'm going to Las Vegas in September and I've not been there for 11 years........ and I was wondering if there are any diplay tanks in casinos to check out?

    When I was last there Treasure Island had a large reef tank.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated

    Vic [Veng68]

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    Ya, go check out the cesars palace in the shopping area
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    Silverton casino has a very large tank, even has a mermaid swimming around once in awhile. Bass tanks in the huge attached fishing/hunting store. It's a little out of the way at the southend of the strip, fairly close to an outlet mall. Pretty easy to get there on the "Deuce" (a bus that runs up/down the strip. $5 for a 24hr. pass) Mandalay Bay has a full aquarium set-up, sharks, reef, amazon etc. costs about $15-20. You can take a behind the scenes aquarium tour a the Forum Shops at Caesars. Pretty basic stuff but it is free. I'll be there in Sept too.

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    Go into the main Lobby of the MGM there check in counter has a huge aquarium. Its gotta be about 50 feet long or more. Also check out Manlanbay (Spelling) Aquarium. Enjoy your trip...


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    i was just about to say ever casino must have one!
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