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    Fish with human like teeth, huh...

    Here's a weird video from the AP about a fish with human like teeth.

    Mod, or whoever, please close this thread. It's an fyi and not for trolling.

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    lol.... pacus are cool... the only thing they dont like to eat is like java ferns....

    in lake ontario near Dupont theres reports of people catching plecos and piranas

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    Is there anything that actually does eat java fern?

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    not that i know of, evidently they produce a slight toxin that taste bad to fish sooo....

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    I use to have 5 of them, and some oscars when i was a kid, they were the next best thing to paranas (which became less and less cool after you've owned them for a while)
    they are better looking OMO i might add.

    Neat O
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