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    I've ranted and yelled my displeasure to all that would listen about UPS. It's time for me to give credit where it's due.

    FedEx got my Litermetre III from California to Ottawa, had a reasonable fee ($31, taxes and brokerage combined on a $450 order), and it was ready for me to pick up a day early.

    Okay part of the success was that I called them with the tracking number and asked them to hold it for me rather than deliver it. Another part is I was expecting the worst after the dismal service I received from UPS.

    But I was happily surprised & I'm willing to use FedEx again. I'm still not ready to forgive UPS, so don't get me started on those guys.

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    I refuse to do any business with UPS. Even when I ebay, if the seller isn't willing to ship with ANYTHING other than UPS, I shop elsewhere.

    I've had very good experiences with both Fed-Ex, and with CanadaPost XpressPost.
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    I've always had the opposite experience. I've refused to use Fed-Ex ever since I had 3 seperate packages arrive with the sender's full credit card number and expiry info still listed on the packing slip on the outside of the box. I never had a problem with UPS untill the recent brokerage fee issue (which is borderline extortion). I won't use either anymore, if I have the choice.

    I pretty much stick with Canada Post and USPS whenever possible now.

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