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    Montreal Info..... 411

    Hi , I live here in montreal and am looking for someone to trade some cichlids with. I have to admit I am hoping someone can tell me about some info about local fish groups that I do not know about.If it is in ottawa; that is not that far a drive. My problem is I am looking for something in english.None of the lfs around here seem to want to give out any info on local clubs or groups.So I am asking for info on this forum. I also do not know if there is a forum site here in montreal. Thanks for your time. Cheers ..... Tony.
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    Re: Montreal Info..... 411

    Welcome to Aquaria Tony... I'm sure there are people around here that could help you.  Most are reef enthusiasts but I do know a few also hold cichlids.

    You could also try  This group is mostly cichlids and planted aquariums.  Hope this helps... let them know who sent you  ;D


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