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    Prayers for our CF in Afghanistan!!!

    No not that there has been as much in terms of activity, but just so that we still remember that our men and women are there away from their families in a place that's grim and ugly with hate and destruction! My husband left on October 29th for Kandahar, Afghanistan. He is part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team, (Engineers) where he is Second in Command. Their task at this point in time is to build a police station in Kandahar City. Christmas is coming, he is away from his children and they are away from's not fun! So please, say an extra prayer this holiday season for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces that they stay safe so they can return home.


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    Hey Kim,

    My thoughts are always with our men and women, wherever they are, whatever the reasons are to be away. I may not always agree with the political reasons behind the missions, but I stand behind our troops. They do a great job in a very professional way. As a former military myself, it is kind of hard to ignore what is going on for our troops.

    Hang in there Kim and big hugs to you and your kids for the Holidays! Just think of how you will all be proud of him when he returns knowing that he made a difference over there and contributed in improving the lives of some very poor and oppressed people.

    Group HUG!!! :group: :group:


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    god save our soldiers

    It is with great honour and pride to salute our men and women
    fighting,reconstructing and stabilizing a Country such as
    Also a great task at hand..........
    therefore it is a must that we Canadians take the time this holiday
    season to remember and salute our great heroes.
    May god protect our soldiers and their families..........
    and may god bring them home safe.
    god bless.

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    I tell ya there was many prayers said in my head when my brother was there. He just got home from a nine month Roto. Now my prayers go out to all who are still there.
    Mike Philpott

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