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    Hyper-active hermit

    I just added 2 white hermit crabs to my tank.
    One of then had a nicer shell (lets call this shell 1).....nice!
    Then I noticed that he switched shell (lets call this shell 2) ....kool!
    Then a bit latter noticed he switched again (lets call this shell 3)....funny!
    Then he switched back to shell 2 ...... this hermit is crazy!
    Then he switched back to shell 3 ...... I told my wife "Man this hermit must be hyper-active or something it just keeps changing shell!"

    Then it hit me! I didn't buy 2 white hermits.........I bought 3! :loser:

    Just thought i'd share that with you guys.

    Thanks for loosing your time reading this.
    P.S. I'm french so I never make any typos......they are actual mistakes :sorry:
    I'm not in a rush.....but I am on a budget! :bigcry:

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    AHHHAHAH nice!
    I want a bigger tank! :biglaugh2

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