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Thread: Linux help!

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    Linux help!

    i remember reading someone else's post on linux and seem to be a lot of people who know their stuff here so ill try here..

    its my assignment for school...
    set up a cron job for root that creates an archive of the home directory of the user arnold as well as all files in /var belonging to arnold. the archive has to be created at the end of the month early in the morning (between 12:00 am to 5:00am) store the archive in /var/local/backup. Give the archive a descriptive filename and include the month as part of the filename. such as arnold-Jan.tar. everytime the archive is created log the action to a seperate log file named /var/log/user.

    the action has to be accomplished using a single job entry.

    OK thats the whole problem. so understand i need to do a tar.

    first part
    tar -cvf arnold-*month*.tar /home/arnold /var

    now *month* how do i put variable in there so that it uses the month of backup?
    also how do i seperate which files belong to arnold so it only archives files belonging to arnold?

    scheduling the cron job i konw how to do.

    any help would be great. thanks

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    This should help you: man date
    Also, you should re-read the question as your solution is missing some key elements.

    Good luck with the assignment.
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    hahah man date..

    i maned everything i can.. but yes figured out the date part.

    date +%b gave me the month. i just had to add it with the `date +%b`

    im still stumped on how to tar files in /var that belongs to arnold only.

    im playing around and starting it with: tar -cvf and then different options like owner but that only changes the tar to new owner...

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    You could use the 'find' command to find all files belonging to the user and pipe the output to tar.
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    true! good idea.... i was man tar the whole time thinking it was a built in function... thanks!

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