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    Unhappy Return from vacation to......

    Last night, we returned from a 2 week vacation in europe, to find a major flood in the basement. It appears that I left home with the manual switch left on on my top off unit.... Rough assessment: my marine tank is now a freshwater tank. Corals, crabs, snails, urchins, all dead. Fishes department: chromis and 1 clown dead. One clown was transfered to the QT last evening. He sort of looked like he may recover. Surprisingly, my 2 cardinals were still as fast as usual. Unable to take them out last night. I'll try later after I have removed all the rocks from the tank. Rough synopsis, the tank has to go as we cannot afford to have this kind of problems every time we return from vacation. This flood was just too much. I am expecting the insurance adjuster tomorrow. All my laminate, underpading and God knows what else, will need to be replaced.

    So folks, I am pulling the plug on keeping a tank, for a while anyway. So, expect a massive list of things for sale in the classified, soon. I need to continue on the cleanup before the adjuster shows up tomorrow. I need to find a new hobby now, but I will still pop in regurlarly. Kind of hard to beat the addiction, but I have to maintain the peace at home.

    It's been fun...


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    Thats too bad Serge. To maintain peace at home it's probably better to leave for a while. But just think when you return you can do things different and better next time. Take the knowledge from this time and adapt and overcome next time. Best of luck with the whole thing. I hope there's not much damage under the laminate. I wish I could get into the classified section I could be interested in some of your stuff.
    Mike Philpott

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    That's terrible news Serge - everyone's nightmare!! Hope you do keep in touch. Your knowledge and experience are important assets to new hobbyists and the more experienced as well.

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    Hang tight. Wait a month before you list your hardware. You might have a change of heart in a few weeks and then you have to buy it all over again.
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

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    That is a real downer for sure. Sorry to hear about that. Not sure what other hobby you will get into, what are your other interests?

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    sad to hear that!.. a bunch of us have been in the same exact trouble in the past.. my flood cost ~7k to repair...a nightmare.
    hang in there.. and dont sell your stuff too fast!

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    That's really sad Serge. I'll repeat what others have said, don't sell too quickly.

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    Don't sell too quickly store it instead. When my 120 broke the front pane I was ready to sell what was left but when the cleanup was over I was happy to be able to start all over again.
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    hi Serge.

    That's sad news....

    But as many have already posted, don't sell the equipment too soon.
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    when we go on vacation we used to get home-tenders to come twice a day and tend to the zoo. they are very good and inexpensive (compared to the alternative).

    I have not used them in a while as I now have family in the area that can do it.

    Worth looking into though.
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