Hi Guys,

This is old news as they have had this service running for quite a few months already... but I thought I'd post this anyway in case it was missed.

Bell Canada offers home monitoring that works via 1x service (Wireless). All the gadgets that hook into the system are also wireless, no wires (as per their website)

What is more interesting are the sensors you add to your system. One in particular is the water sensor. This will detect water on your floor.

We just had an aquaria member this week that had a flood. That little sensor would have tripped. Its not stopping the flood (unless we put in inside the tanks... he he he) but it does notify you as soon as it feels water. So tiny flood instead of week’s worth of water.

They also have web cam options, so you can monitor your kids @ home & your tank

Also, its safer then the conventional systems that require a phone line to operate... cut the line and your in the house... nothing will let the alarm company know that someone is in your place. The system from bell works on wireless connections, so no way to cut it (Well... there is always a way... but nothing a regular thief would know how to do).

Something to check out... I know I am!