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    Going on a trip!!!

    Hey everyone. I'm comming to Quebec!!! Kuujjuaq. Ya I know it's a little further north than Montreal but i'm still comming!! I'm leaving to go there on the 25th of June. It's going to be pretty interesting. I'm going to be inspecting Sea Containers. (Thats not going to be as interesting!!) I was talking to someone thats heading up there in a couple of days and he was telling me to get a fishing licence. I priced them and for out of province residents it's like $45.00. Crazy!! one of the guys at work was telling me that a resident of Quebec is considered someone that has a home there or is working in the province. If thats the case it would only cost me like $12.00. Anyone know? One other question, has anyone ever been there before?
    Mike Philpott

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    lucky you !!
    I've never been there, but the wildlife will be different!!
    bring cameras, binoc etc... will be some amazing stuff.

    I believe its to residents only. the price is 16.50$ i believe.
    I just renewed mine. It wouldn't make sence that it would be offered at that price to people who only work in Quebec. I believe the old permit specifically said to residents only... but that might have changed.

    I say get the permit, bring your rods, cauz there will be some nice fishing there too... one of our last spots of prestine, barely touched/spoiled wilderness left that is still reachable easily.

    Have fun and post pics !!

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    I did a bit of research last night after reading your post. According to the government's web site, you should contact the local "fauna protection office". Here's the contact list . If I remember correctly, either the main office in Chibougamau or the one in Whapmagoostui would be your best bet. Sorry, I couldn't find an English version of that list but I suspect that they speak English when you call... this is Northern Quebec.

    Fishing in that region, which includes salmon, is covered by agreements with the native folks. Chances are that you'll have to go through an outfitter to get everything you need.

    In any case, like Liv said, take your camera and bring back some pictures for us.

    Have fun!
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