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    Way off topic: Where to get E1 rated Laminated flooring

    Hi everyone... reading online before I get my laminated flooring,
    there was a big warning all over the place to make sure I find flooring that is E1 rated. ( No formaldehydes ). it was also in the protege-vous a few months ago.
    suposebly its a norm in Europe ( they are way ahead of us.. ).
    Most of the stuff sold here comes from Asia/China, and they don't follow these rules supposedly.
    Everywhere I look, can't see anything to that effect.. and of course asking the people selling it is just as usefull as trying to solve algebra by shooing bubble gum... looking at me with those big confused eyes.

    I'm trying to make the house as safe as possible, specially now that I am a parent.

    Reason for laminate:
    I want laminate as hardwood floor is way too hard to remove if i flood the basement with the tank.. I hate carpet, tiles are too cold on my feet.
    laminate would take minutes to remove and repair.. hardwood hours...days.
    and there is quite alot of super nice laminates out there.. its also warmer on my toes

    Any ideas guys ?

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    No clue what E1 is... Sounds like a form of racing to me... I would like to know where you heard of such a thing. From what I know with basement floors and laminate flooring, you're to lay down a vapor barrier/foam padding to keep the warranty on your flooring... the vapor barrier is to keep the cold moisture/wetness from getting to the floor. and the thin foam padding gives it a quiet cushiony feel and helps it go around any small imperfections on the concrete... The underlay can be bought as a combination vapour barrier/foam underpadding... made specifically for laminate flooring in basement use... most companies void the warranty if the proper underpadding isn't used... I'm also not sure if you'd want to glue it together or not. Most of them want you to glue them, but it isn't required for all... But when you don't glue them, water can easily be spilled on it and make it swell up at the crack, and looks like crap.
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    ya, i know about the underpadding. I will also be using the subfloor product under this. its a layer of chip wood with a plastic sheet attached to it.. it lifts the floor about 3/4" of an inch giving it more breathing space.. then add the vapor barrier foam stuff, then laminate flooring.

    the E1 i read on Protege-vous which is a magazine thats been around for a few decades that reviews any consumer products and gives its ratings etc.
    reading through this, and then searching online, I found a bunch of companies that certify E1 for low/no fermaldehyde. but I can't find any ratings on the stuff we can purchase around here.... it might be safe.. but we don't know....... and thats whats bugging me.

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    Go with heated ceramic tile... this way you can just mop up what is spilled.(cost isn't an issue right? hehe)


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    that would be real nice.
    I've seen this stuff in action.. great on the feet!
    I believe they sell DIY kits.. might be an option i'll look into it for sure.

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