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    New 2008 Silverado!!!

    Hey i think i am just posting this because i guess im just bragging:b7::b6: i bought one.. But i am soo excited i get it Thursday...!!!! just thought i would share.. Anyone else buy one recently.

    My dad works for GM so we have miled it out.. One hell of a deal

    heres a picture taken at the cottage

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    Do you know how big of a tank setup you just passed on? :b15:

    Nice truck, I miss having trucks but my commute with a truck would be brutal.
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    Its ok bigtyguyy... I did the same when I got my wrx

    Nice truck by the way!!


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    thanks... yea i never really felt bad about bragging either lol lol.... i love the truck! I would rather have the truck then a larger tank hahahahaha. would be nice to have both though!

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    he he.. ya.. miss my truck too... but i dont miss filling it up
    Nice truck !

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    Well you could use the truck to help deliver a really big tank for a fellow hobbiest. lol
    If my wife asks, it was only $20.

    220 Gal Mostly SPS Reef, 66 gal sump with refuge, 33 gal refugium, Gen-X Mak-5 Return, 3 x IceCap 250 MH, 2 x 110 VHO, Deltec APF600 Skimmer and a Deltec AP-600, Geo 6-18 Calcium Reactor, 2 x Tunze Stream 6100, Profilux Plus II EX Controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtyguyy View Post
    Anyone else buy one recently
    my 94' GMC Sierra died earlier this year and i looked at the new GM's but thought they looked to boxy and square ( i'm not ragging on your truck :b16:, she's a beauty ). i ended up buying an 07' Dodge Ram TRX4 off road instead, with the HEMI.

    Quote Originally Posted by liv View Post
    ... but i dont miss filling it up
    thats for sure, mine has a 130L tank and i get about 12 MPG in the city, but up over 22 MPG on the highway.

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

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