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    Last night Georges St-Pierre was at Local Heros on Bank in Ottawa. We showed up around 6pm and it was already packed so we had crappy seats way back from the stage.

    But because we are neighbors with Nabil Khatib(guy that trains with GSP and organized the event) we didn't have to wait in the 6+ hour lineup for autographs(also helps that Marie-Claude is expecting).

    So far we've met(thanks to Sensei Nabil Khatib):

    Georges St Pierre
    Carlos Newton
    David Loiseau
    Patrick Cote
    Randy Couture
    Denis Kang
    Keith Jardine
    Nate Marquart

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    Awesome. I liked the ass kicking gsp handed matt hughes for the second time :b2:
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    Super cool Dark!!!

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