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    So I get up this morning and look at the aquarium and log on to AC like I do every morning. I decide to look at one of the sponsors site and begin dreaming of all the stuff I want :b2:. I come across a autotop off system and think to myself that I really need to invest or build one of these units. Couldn't even get it out of my mouth fast enough. #@$&, RO/DI unit on all night. Get up and run to my fill up room and sure enough, flood....:b7:
    Now that was funny.... Laughed about it while I cleaned up.... :b1:
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    Ive dropped 45+ gallons on the floor because the "wife" forgot to turn it off! Thank god for laminate floor because it seems to not buckle or warp... yet...

    We are lucky enough to have a concrete floor slab that has a gap so the water runs down there first.

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    same here... the good news is now the floods happen right beside the floor drain... the wife is not happy but cleanup is about 5 minutes.


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    ya,... it cost me 7k about 3 years ago for that mistake.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    I use a kent float valve on my 44g brute containers.

    I didin't even take the chance because it's not a matter of "if" it's gonna happen, it's a matter of "when" :b2:

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    All my buckets and water mixing area is located right inside of a grundgy shower stall in my basement that's never used. Thank god. I'd have flooded the place about 10 times already if I had it anywhere else.
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    My RO/DI has a 20 gallon reservoir, and auto start/stop system. But, being the trusting sole I am, I also added a safety overflow so if the RO/DI doesn't shut off, it simply flows down the drain.
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