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    a 100 year old lobster. WOW

    OH MY GOD, if they don't put that back into the sea, that would be such a shame.
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    He'd take a lot of garlic
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    wow, pinchy is huge :b13:

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve w. View Post
    He'd take a lot of garlic

    LMAO !!!!!

    Building Quality not Quantity

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    The claws on that thing were huge.
    90gal,2x250watt,12K Reeflux, Deltec 1250Turbo, 140lbs mixed rock, 40gal Basement Sump with Chaeto, Mag2400return pump,2xTunze6045Modded,
    1xSeio620,1xKorallia#4, 2"ssb, Korillan 1502 Calc Reactor,Phosban reactor with Carbon/Phospahte remover.

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    I have a pot he would fit into nicely
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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    He probably wouldn't be too tasty. But damn, he'd feed a family.
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