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Thread: I Hate Ovas

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    I Hate Ovas

    man I made one comment about the price of someones tank in the classifieds
    and the whole world falls apart over there!!!!
    I was edited,told about all these rules and then the whole thread was chopped!! whats with thses people?? can't say I freaking thing and you get chopped?? closed down?? who runs that site?? and who is this BIGDADDY

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    Please Vote For DARK as OVAS president!

    Nice Edit John... should have left it the way it was!

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    yeh I know, seriously they should just CLOSE there salt section and leave that up to us lol. I can't say BOO there with getting in trouble.

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    Shhhhh they come over here and read everything posted about OVAS...

    Unless you pay a membership fee of 25$ you cant really post much on there without getting bashed or told to leave. It seems that unless you have that cute little logo saying your a club member your dismissed and abused by the exec,mods.

    It might be best just to walk away and let them play with themselves...

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    Heh. You are such a rebel Johnny.:011:

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    I love your post Johnny!!!!

    I'm so backing you up on this... can you imagine that me (a pregnant lady) was once reported to a mod on there????

    It's a crazy world outside of AC and RC!!!! :-)

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    They will never get rid of you John, they would have nothing else to talk about!!

    I've been told in the past that I'm not allowed to post any more classified ads for frags, because of the amount of frags I've been selling. They said I'm now considered to be a "breeder", and have to have a membership to continue posting ads. I tried to explain to them that fragging is a nescessary part of the saltwater hobby, and also that for every 10 ads I place, I may only sell 1 or 2 frags. It made no difference, they pulled my ads anyway!! I don't think the $15- $20 is too much, but I also didn't use my card for discounts when I did have a membership, so I don't think it's worth the trouble. Now people contact me for frags, saving me the trouble! :b2:
    Here's my philosophy:
    Try not to let these things bother you, and try to remember how things were before websites came along! It was every man for himself.

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    Let's all say the tank is too expensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToX View Post
    Let's all say the tank is too expensive
    I posted an ad for my big fish over there. Big fish free to a good home.

    Some pin head sent me a note "warning" me that I had better include a fair price in my ad "or else". "Uh..." says I "I thought that free was a pretty fair price." "You've got a bad attitude" I was told. My ad on AC found a taker.

    I too think OVASux.

    220G mixed reef main, 30 G (3 x 10) brood/grow-out, 25 G secondary, 6 G frag with shared sump

    Return Pump: Iwaki MD55RLT
    Water Movement: Tunze Turbelle Stream 6060, 4 x MaxiJet 1200
    Lighting: 60" Outer Orbit dual 250 W 10k HQI and quad 48" T5HO Actinic
    Skimmer: Precision Marine Bullet-2 with Iwaki MD55RLT, WC610 waste collector, and gate valve

    Experience: Fresh since 1976 - Marine since 1987


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    Funny... cause I've seen people get banned on here for even DARING to question a moderator's decision in public. So if you did that here John, you'd have been banned. :b15:

    You know, groupie02 is the webmaster over there now, so why are you guys attacking someone who used to be a mod here? That doesn't seem right.

    No doubt there are some tools over there who think they know everything though. Carrhd, I'm sure there are lots of other people who've gotten emails from that pinhead about asking prices.

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