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    Setting up a Terrarium

    hi, i'm setting up a small terrarium (20 gal) for a young bearded dragon and wondering if anyone has any unused lighting, and accessories? I figured the "off topic" forum would be a good spot for something non-aquatic related


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    sorry, i'm no help but i would love to see a pic of the beast when you're all set up.

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

    Return Pump: Little Giant 4-MDQX SC
    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

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    once I get him settled in i'll post a pic.

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    the lighting we used on our bearded dragon tank was 2 20" light strips bought from canadian tire (they come with black lights in them) and we went out and bought 2 desert flourescent lights from the pet store.

    over a 20G you would only need one and would cost under $40 (20 for the fixture and 15-20 for the light)

    hope this helps!

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    I have almost all i need now..picking up the last items thurs eve.

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