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    OT Aviary - Falcon, Hawk or other

    I came home this afternoon and this was sitting on the snowbank opposite my house. Now, understand that I live in the 'burbs and this is not a common site in my area. I am not sure what he is eating, but it may be one of the local pigeons that one of our neighbours is kind enough to feed :b12: I managed to get a bunch of pics and here are a couple.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails OT Aviary - Falcon, Hawk or other-falcon1_sm.jpg   OT Aviary - Falcon, Hawk or other-falcon2_sm.jpg  
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    Amazing bird! That'll take care of those pigeons.

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    gorgeous, great photos too.

    i have a massive hawk that sit on my deck, can't get pictures because he spooks so easy. my neighbour had to stop feeding all the other birds after she came out to see the hawk ripping one of them apart.

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    Hi, looks like you found a cooper's hawk.
    great shot!!

    these guys are amazing to watch, specially when they got a prey or are hunting for one.

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