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    MASO meetings - Organized Confusion??

    Hi all

    All our MASO meetings to date have been informal get to gethers where individuals mingle and chit-chat. Are people satisfied with this format, or should the meetings become more structured, and actually become a meeting? Most other clubs seem to have a mingle session, followed by a group discussion, and later a frag trade session. The group discussion would a good place for someone with a problem to tap into the entire group's experience and knowledge at once, rather than ask one individual at a time.

    I really have no problem with the meetings the way they are, but was wondering what other people think. What do the Halifax people do for your meetings. Structured or informal?

    Thanks in advance.

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    At this stage in the game and with most people knowing each other personally or by the site.I find the meetings to be satisfactory so far. It is very hard to actually have everyone sit down for a ''group meeting'' as most people just like to mingle.The frag trading to date has been good considering we're a fairly small club and not a lot of people have a bunch of cash these days. Also we have to remember these get togethers are at individuals homes with sometimes space been a concern as well as time constraints.One meeting there could be 7 people while at another there ends up being 23. Very hard to organize around this. I've try'd to get members to reply if there attending and what frags they would like to bring but that is an effort in itself.Most questions concerning our tanks get asked here anyways. If you want to host a meeting and have a specific theme or idea then the more help the better. Just remember, when trying to organize such functions everyone has his own idea on how it should be ran and you can run into KAOS if theres no one really at the helm.
    It can be a little hard to hear yourself and meet everyone but I'm working on a template so to speak to help organize the future meetings FOR EXAMPLE.
    PRIZES OR WHATEVER 1/2 to 45min.
    FRAG TRADE/SALE 1 HOUR[this always takes long as everyone is yaking]
    MORE MINGLING and a final thanks.
    PERC, are you throwing your hat in the ring for MASO #8! you have an awsome tank! I believe PETER BROMBERG is making arrangments for the next meeting in FEB. but will confirm.

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    I really like the mingle.. part.. Its kinda hard to have a formal meeting in most peoples houes.. Just becouse to do that.. there is no real room to do a sit down.? and to have people just standing there they are going to wonder around to stop from going stiff.. then it becomes a distraction..

    I konw at a meeting down here we tried it.. and it turned into a debate.. a few people where offended and left.. lol Tooo bad for them.. but you know how it can go.. just watch some of hte thread.. lol

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    Johnny, I knew by asking this question I was setting myself up for the "Are you doing a meeting?" question. Anytime you suggest something get done, like it or not, you just volunteered to do it.

    I am planning to host a meeting in the new year, but not just yet. Reason: I just tore down my quarantine set up after finally getting my Copperband and school of Green Chromis in the big tank. I wanted it gone for the holidays as I am hosting 17 people on Christmas and want a clean aquarium room. After the holidays, I am resuming my search for a Powder Blue to finalize my fish population. After he is in quarantine for a few weeks, I am planning on redecorating the tank (which I really want to do) the same day I introduce him into the general population. Hopefully this way he won't get killed. I'll want the tank to settle down, and the fish to settle in, and then I will consider hosting a meeting. And thanks about the comment that I have an awesome tank. I like it too.:thumb:

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    I wanna host a meeting for the new year too.. lol

    Who's going to lend me there house.. , Or are you all going to rent a bus and come on down : )

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