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    Mice living in my car

    So I left a travel mug in my car the other day and when I went to take the mug out to re-use it I noticed that there were dig marks by the mouth piece. I freaked out a little and then opened all my car doors and windows and went inside the house. I came out a couple of hours later and saw no sign of a rodent. This past weekend I went to the cottage and packed the trunk. I arrived and started to unpack the trunk when I saw a tiny little baby mouse. He was the size of a grape. I freaked out a little more and then decided I needed to investigate and tear apart my car. I later found two more baby mice who had died and been eaten (not sure which came first). I assumed at first that the mother probably had the babies and then took off and left them in my car but then I read online somewhere that adult mice will eat their young if there is no other food. I figured when I ripped my car apart that I had got them all out but after reading about mice canabilizm I decided to do a test. I put a piece of cheese in the trunk of my car and drove to work. The cheese was gone by the time I got Im really freaking out. I had taken everything out...I lifted up the mat in the back and even took the spare tire (which is where I found the dead ones). I unzipped the seat covers and there was no sign of mice in them. I dont know what to do now, besides setting my car on fire. Im a girlie girl too and to even see a mouse freaks me out (I had help to clear out the baby mouse and the dead half eaton ones). Im having a hard time driving my car as any little movement or shadow makes my scream.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??????????

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    I think the only real way to get rid of them is to set some traps at night.

    I've got an old Corvette that mostly sits in the garage and had a mouse or three get into it. They chewed 3/4's of the way through one of the seatbelts that I had just replaced the year before.

    I'd get them out of there as quick as possible before they do any more damage.

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    they can be a real problem in vehicles, chewing on seatbelts, wires, etc.......

    last year when a mall was built behind my house, we all had them in our garages. i tried the live catch traps ( animal lover :dft001: ) and never had any luck, they would walk right through them and get caught in the regular traps that i set up after a week or so.

    i'd suggest traps too, or maybe poison........

    do you have other pets that ride in the car?? small children?????

    if not, you can get some poison bait from the hardware store and put a piece in the trunk. though you may never find the bodies :b13:

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    friend of mine had a supra with mice in it.. it was funny to see them running around the dash while driving.
    ... you should definitely get them out asap... like a420 said, they may chew your wires and cauz nightmares down the road.

    as for where they are hiding, take out the benches and check if they made tunnles in them, if not there and not under the carpet, check unde the plastic peices on the back side of the car, like where the wheel wells are.
    they may also have nested in the air box or inside the dash.. tons of room there too.

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    You'd be surprised at how much dog food (if you have any around) they can store in the air breather box... I had a working car parked for a bit, only to start it up months later and find it wouldn't turn over, the wipers were all messed up, and the backup lights were always on... This was due to mice chewing wires.
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    On a nice sunny day roll up all the windows make sure everything is shut and park your car in a spot where it will get the most sun.
    Let the mice cooking begin!! I'm pretty sure any mice living in there will leave as the temperatures will be overbearing.
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    ahhh great tip !
    hopefully they dont die inside and start rotting.. berk.

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    yeah the dead mouse smell is something you will never forget! had a trailer and had mice in the walls. poisoned them and then had to tear out the walls to remove the smelly dead guys...

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