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    Do any companies actually do decent service anymore? Our 6 year old freezer is not working so we call up Sears and tell them it's an emergency we have a 21cuft freezer jam packed full of beef/pork and its melting. They can't come to my area for a week so fine. I take an entire day off for a between 8 and 5 appointment.

    I take the whole day off to wait for this tool. He looks at the freezer and imagine that just like I said it's not getting cold enough even though the compressor and fan are running just like I told him on the phone. He then tells me that he doesn't have time to do any diagnostics today since they only scheduled him for 20 minutes. They can come back next week to further diagnose the problem for 2-4 hours of labour then once they diagnose they can order the parts and come back another week to install them. Ridiculous. Then when all is said and done I will have taken 3 days off and cost at minimum $600 for an appliance that is only $800 new.

    I told them that the brick sells freezers and sent him packing. My question is why do my inlaws have 2 30 year old freezers that work perfectly and this is the 2nd freezer I've had die in 12 years?
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    they don't build stuff to last anymore, just long enough to clear warranty. :b10:

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    ya.. they dont build them like they used too thats for sure.
    I had a 28-30 years old fridge that still worked great upto last year.. it was just too power hungry ( 1850w ! ) so I got rid of it.

    I put it on the sidewalk for free.. nobody took it, I then wised up and asked 40$ for it.. someone stole it in a mather of hours. ahahahhha

    as for your freeser.. i feel your pain bud.. I got a tiny 9sqfeet freeser.. its always full... mmmmm deer & fish. It was given to me by a friend a while back... still works great today.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    I put it on the sidewalk for free.. nobody took it, I then wised up and asked 40$ for it.. someone stole it in a mather of hours. ahahahhha
    lol nice.
    I fell for ya I do my head in when these things happen , Insurance /warrenty hahahaaa they never seem worth the paper their written on to me , just like you stated youve lost 3/4s the price of a new one waiting around , not to mention the tucker in the freezer.
    hope it all sorts its self out
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    sounds like you would be better off going and getting your new freezer from someones sidewalk giveaway--it most likely would be free and last longer then anything new!

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