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    Unusual trip to Ottawa

    So today was a really nice day for a road trip. Left MTL just after noon and got to Ottawa to do some shopping at Princess Auto (They always send me a big catalogue). It's a pretty neat store, nothing like that over here. I was looking for a small generator for when the power goes down, but cheapest was about $239. I've seen some at wall mat going for $109, original was over 200.

    Anywhoo, ended up heading to the closet fish store since it was getting a bit late and I wasn't sure on closing time. So I got to the store (to remain anonymous) and was very egar to check out what these Ottawa aquarium places looked like. It was smaller than what I expected, but there was still plenty to look at.

    After looking around for a good 15minutes, it was noticed that a worker was outside taking down my license plate. After confronting the worker, he said that 'we take down plate numbers if the customer is from out of the province' and went on about a story about a cracker jack with chlorine at a pet store (I wasn't paying attention as I was looking at the display tank). We asked why he didn't just ask us, when he replied "I did ask", yet none of the 3 of us were asked, so he basically lied.

    Is it common practice to take license plate numbers from out of province? I mean in terms of sabotage, statistically speaking there is a higher chance of foul play coming from the employees, family, friends, someone known than a complete stranger on a coral run.

    Ended up taking just a few pieces. It was actually a pity purchase since I made a trip down and couldn't go home empty handed.

    We finished up the trip with dinner at Red Lobster... I don't know why there was a huge line up (25 on waiting list?). It's o.k., but nothing great.
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    sounds strange to me.......

    though last week someone did a number on the indoor jungle here in TO :b1:

    very sad......

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    Yeah that's the story he was referring to. Sad story, but I'd be curious to check out the owner and the stores financials. When the no smoking law came to Quebec, it was like every other bar "on fire" and you know they did it to collect insurance and get out.
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    With generators, you get what you pay for. When you pay extra money for one of the same wattage as one that's cheaper, it generally starts nicer, gives cleaner voltage, lasts longer. Some are made very cheaply for limited hours in ocassional power failure situations. Others are made to run camps, and construction equipment for hours on end.

    And with the license plate thing. I wouldn't see the point on limiting it to out of province plates. Either take down everybody's plate, or don't bother. Especially in Ottawa, where quebec plates are everywhere in the city.
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