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    reef stores Ottawa area?

    Hello, going skiing Mt. Tremblant...

    Anyone know of good REEF STORES in Ottawaor area?
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    There are three:

    IJO the owner of this site, operates Aquaria Canada from his home in Hull. Check out the shopping cart on this site, and/or send him a PM if you are looking for something in perticular. I've had nothing but good experiences so far.

    As for physical stores, there are two:

    Marinescape which is located on Carling Ave., just west of Bronson Ave. (closed Sunday's and Monday's), is salt-water only, has a good selection, and the two guys who operate the store are very knowledgable. My only word of caution, is be careful of the flatworms. I understand that they are currently in the process of medicating the tanks, but as a precaution, I would dip any corals you buy in Flatworm Exit before adding them to your tank....unless you already have flatworms. I have been dipping everything I buy there, and have had no problems.

    Lastly, Big Al's Aquarium Services has two stores, one in Kanata, and another on Innes Rd. These stores have only limited salt-water sections (mostly devoted to fish), and I personally find them pricey. But, every-so-often, they do get somthing interesting in, so I do stop in there occasionally.

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    Montreal, Qc
    Mt. Tremblant is a helluva lot closer to Montreal than Ottawa ...

    Le Coraile on Tashereau west, exit on south end of Champlain Bridge.

    Octopus on Papineau in the downtown core.

    Big Al's on hwy 40 west at Sources

    Aqua-Tropicale on Ferrier at Decarie.

    Aqua-Tropicale on Tasherau West near Le Coraile.
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    Does anyone have any expererience with a Montreal-based on-line company called Oceanview Enterprises?

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    reefvan which one BEST?

    In case I only had time to visit ONE store Reefvan...
    Which one of those do you recommend as perhaps the BEST of the list?
    Thanks everyone,
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    Here's a little breakdown of the stores in Montreal- from a seasoned fish store rat...
    Currently Auatropical on Ferrier/Decarie 514 341 1171 (big box store) has limited stock in fish and coral, but does have a few well priced crocea clams- not mind blowing, but at 5 inches you could maybe negotiate them for around $100. They should be recieving some interesting fish and maybe corals tues. -wed next week. In general an uninteresting place accept when they get in a shipment. However, a deal can usually be found there.
    Octopus on Papineau just north of Mont Royal 514 523 7363 (specialty-marine fish, reef) also has a limited (but much better) selection of corals and fish, at the moment. some softies and l.p.s. as well as one or two acros. Usually an interesting assortment of fish. The owner is a bit anti-social if you don't know him, but if you sound like you know what you are talking about, he MAY talk to you No deals or negotiating here, however, his prices for fish are good and coral, not crazy. The place looks as if its gonna collapse into the basement, so be prepared...
    Le Corraille on Taschereau 450 676 8998 (only marine -mostly reef) has by far the most selection of corals but very limited fish. He's got some amazing crocea clams (4-5 inch) at heart stopping prices, but a large selection of corals. He SHOULD be getting a large shipment of s.p.s. this week or next. Almost always an interesting store to visit because he has the most wet displays and always has the most diversity. He's easy to talk to, may deal, may do cash and in general, his prices aren't rediculous. I would say this is your best bet...
    The Aqau on Taschereau isn't really worth it and Big Al's ( I have no coordinates) is hit and miss- although I've heard both toutouche and reefvan have found the odd interesting thing there at decent prices.
    Happy hunting

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    thanks again

    thanks again Reefmutt and everyone!

    Happy New Year.

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    Do you guys know of any stores int he Hamilton area?

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    hamilton stores

    Best store in the area is OAKVILLE REEF GALLERY
    which is in OAKVILLE which is not far from Hamilton... can contact DAN at MOPS (MAIL ORDER PET SUPPLY)
    AS HE LIVES IN HAMILTON and mayyyyy let you visit
    his store in his home....



    ORG for both dry goods and livestock including
    excellent sps corals and clams.
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    big als in montreal the # is 514-425-0099 is right off boulvard des sources and is a pretty new store so they dont have very much especaly delicate species.

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