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    j-roc != Johnny Rock!

    y'know, i just realized that my alias here is similar to his, just wanted to say that mine's from j-roc from trailer park boys (on showcase, and played by the up and coming jonathan torrens) and is NOT a hiphop slang for johnny rock or anything like that. (which i think sounds kinda like a porno name or something, but it's all good!)

    anyway, this public service advisory was intended for your information. please return to your regularly scheduled web browsing.

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    j-roc, there's an ongoing joke going around here about his name sounding like a porn name... just do a search for "porn name" or "porn star"...
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    trailerpark boys is so funny
    whenever i see it on, i'll watch it, but i dont know its times
    -48g bow front
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    Is cool, Actually my name is JOHNNY ROCHON and all thru my music career and high school they called me JOHNNY ROCK the rocker not the porn king!

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    heh.. that's funny, didn't think to look for other threads on johnny rock, pr0n star.. i guess great minds think alike, eh?

    trailer park boys is on at 9:30 EST on sundays IIRC, and it's also shown at various other times throughout the week, it's on showcase, channel 39 for rogers in ottawa, dunno about elsewhere. tune in for episodes such as "Fuck community college, let's get drunk and eat chicken fingers" and "I'm not gay, i love lucy. wait a minute, maybe i AM gay!"

    also, just checked, they've been playing 2 episodes back to back on sundays starting at 9, so set your tivo/vcr/dvr/alarm clock appropriately.

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