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    anyone here know where i can get a lg-xlg dog crate

    getting a new baby he is also going to be known as tha_man beacase he is the man but i need something to put him in if u know anyone how has kicking around let me know

    my guy is the white one

    ab cd fish m r not fish s m r c d b d i's

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    Ohh they are too cute!! Have you checked the local classifieds and such? I know theres always a couple in the adds around here.. and Wal-Mart I would say has good prices on them too! Good luck and keep us posted!

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    I've got one buried under the snow. XL - newfie size in fact. Fibreglass with wire door. The door might be a little rusted. I wouldn't be able to get it for you til the snow melts down some more though. And you'd have to come and get it.

    Check the Bargain Hunter and the vet bulletin boards.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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