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    Talking I bougt a new inflatable boat!

    I just wanna say one thing:Some time ago I bought "Grand" inflatable boat ,Guys-that's so nice just look at it It flow so nice ...I've so many impressions from this little nice girl!

    I'm not promoting that brand -that's just my opinion!
    Just look and think:

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    This does not belong in Reef Discussion. Moving to Off-Topic
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    Originally posted by GRAND
    Actualy we are the manufactory and selling the new inflatables for more information refer to the web site... but as a person iIhave my used ELF-270 in EXCELENT condition!

    Just go to the web site or call me personaly
    Originally posted by GRAND

    I'm not promoting that brand -that's just my opinion!
    Just look and think:
    Care to explain the confusion???
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