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    Hey ... What happened ????

    Hey .. I was a Tiger Shark yesterday ... and now I am back to being a Grouper??? What's up with that??

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    lol Rob... I knew someone would notice the change... I adjusted the rankings as many were reaching the Great White Plateau...

    Bacteria (Minimum Posts: 0)
    Copepod (Minimum Posts: 5)
    Bristleworm (Minimum Posts: 10)
    Sea Squirt (Minimum Posts: 20)
    Goby (Minimum Posts: 40)
    Clownfish (Minimum Posts: 75)
    Yellow Tang (Minimum Posts: 150)
    Lionfish (Minimum Posts: 300)
    Grouper (Minimum Posts: 600)
    Barracuda (Minimum Posts: 1200)
    Tiger Shark (Minimum Posts: 2000)
    Great White Shark (Minimum Posts: 5000)

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    Bummer I was thinking it was a cumputer thingee. Oh well .. I'm not going anywhere so I due time I guess I'll get my teeth back :-)

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