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Thread: Other Pets

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    Other Pets

    What other pets do you keep. We have 1 dog, rottie /shepard cross, 1 28lb cat 4 1/2 iguana named Gilmor and 6 Ferrets go by the names Buzz-saw, Max, Maggie,Tazmania, Felony and last but not least Sugarplop[.


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    Other Pets

    Well I have a cat named Sassy
    2 pairs of peach faced love birds
    1 pond with 8 koi
    2 planted tanks
    Marine Aquarium Society of Kitchener

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    28 lb CAT???????!!!!!!?? dang...

    I have an orange coloured cat, and a 8 month old Pug.
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    28lbs?!?!?!?! WTF do you feed it? Ferrets?!?!

    IKES! I thought my girl's 13-15lbs cats were big & plump ready for the BBQ..
    Fishysan ><>
    180g display main floor, 150g trough, 75g, 20g in basement
    SPS, LPS, softies, many clams & 14 fish
    main: 250w AB DE HQI x 3, 5' x 3 VHO actinic - trough: 400w venki

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    Hes an orange tabby thats been fixed, eats like a horse. These cats are known for there big size.


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