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    "Live" chat room on Aquaria?

    Ivan, is a chat room or chat lounge feasable on the website or is this a bandwidth pig? Just thought it would be pretty cool. Been pretty quiet here at this end. Just hangin wit da homies from da hood here.

    cherio, Jeff

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    hmmm... or maybe a shout board ?

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    hehe jeff.. A few of you have been requesting this... I was thinking a small shout box for now and chat room later on as aquaria grows.

    Its not a bandwidth hog at all... we have a lot of bw on this new server. I guess its the work... I just need to move my A$$ and get it done.

    Chat Room: Some java program (JPilot) that connects you to an irc channel... easy to implement. Once you close you chat.. you lose all info.

    Shout Box: A small window that refreshed every 20 seconds.. displaying the latest user shouts. You just type in your message.. and submit it. The last 20 posts are saved and the rest are deleted.

    Whatcha think? chat or shout box.

    I'll get you a few examples of both...

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    I think that would work just fine!

    later dude,

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