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    HAppy B-Day nbreau!!

    Happy Birthday Nick!!!:clown:

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    Hey!!! Happy Birthday as well, don't forget to tell us if you get any reef related presents !! They're the best !!
    I live in a mail-order town!!!
    If you don't feel like standing behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them!!!

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    Hey Nick...happy birthday

    Tank: 77gal reef, deltec AP600 skimmer, 440W VHO lighting.
    Livestock:Coral beauty, Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, magenta dottyback, 3 stripe damsel, yellow tail damsel, coral banded shrimp

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    have a good one!

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    More of the same ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

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    thanks guys!

    I hinted my gf enough to get a couple of the battery operated powerheads in case the power goes out.

    no livestock for the tank yet but my bro may bring some down when he flies in from ottawa in 2 weeks.
    sold the 77gallon back in 2005, looking to setup a nano

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