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    Selling a few things...

    Since I'm changing the tank over to a FOWLR, I don't want to keep running a sump setup...partly because my return pump crapped out and I don't want to spend $100 to replace it. I'm going to switch my insump skimmer for a hang-on, and use a hang-on filter in the tank and a load of powerheads. That being said, the following is for sale.

    Lifereef CLF-1 sump. Just the sump. Has a hole repaired in the bottom corner, otherwise perfect shape. $150

    Lifereef SVS-24 Skimmer, with Mag 9.5 pump...also includes drain kit. Cosmetic repair work done on one side by Jeff @ Lifereef. Doesn't affect performance. $400

    Marineland SOS Overflow box. Max 600GPH. $60

    Buy it all and all you need is a return pump. Will ship, at buyers expense....prices are firm. I'm in no rush to sell, rather store it for my next tank then give it away.
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    Just a note...the prices from are in US prices on the lifereef products are CDN funds...big difference.
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