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    anything fun to see in Kingston ?

    I'll be down there in a few weeks,
    just wondering if I should visit some stores, sites, what ever.. does'nt have to be about aquariums. or anybody down in kingston that wants a visit from a fellow aquarist :

    lemme know

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    Hiya Liv,

    Kingston has a great downtown area with a lot of neat little shops. There's plenty of shopping in a couple of malls, Primarilly the Caraqui Towne Centre, and just accross the street from that there's the country's largest Canadian Tire! (woohoo!) There are also a couple of historical sites in town such as Old Fort Henry, and sone great parks as well. A great place to check out things to do and see is

    Slohand is also from Kingston and may have some great ideas for you as well!

    Hope this helps

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    Hey Liv, I haven't been in Kingston all that long, got here by route of Toronto and Montreal so this town is smaller than I'm accustom to. The downtown core is very neat though. Plenty of very good places to eat and depending when you come the Grand Theatre does have it's surpize performances. The pubs are a must ... the Tir Nan Og, The Brewing Company (Micro), the Pilot House, the Toucan, etc. and all within walking distance. This is a University town (Queen's) so there's tons to do around campus life. Oh and most locals here will be quick to tell you that this is the birthplace and home of the late Sir John A. MacDonald and that if the Queen hadn't stuck her nose in things, Kingston would have been the Capital of Canada

    What could possibly be bringing you to Kingston? Let me know when your coming and I'll get a few of us reefer together...

    Lawrence [SloHand]

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    going to attend a conference... no idea why they decided on Kingston.. VP's love to spend money on useless conferences. I should be there on the 6th and 7th of Oct.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    hi slohand, i just heard you've set up a marine club in Kingston(without telling me:banghead: ) can you let me no when the next get together is, i would love to come pick up my free frag:biglaugh2 :biglaugh2.
    You must be the guy who left the fliers in all the lfs i go to, i have 3 lots of the info rip offs somewhere and still forgot about the meeting.

    a friend of mine (kristoff) works in pet paradise he would also be up for coming my numbers are

    ahh i think i might pm you with them


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