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Thread: Like it here

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    Like it here

    I never felt so "at home" in a forum, this place is so cool

    a lot of people on line at the same time, a lot of feedback on the post, specialy from the admin here. you can even order stuff and it<s canadian wouhou.

    Just wanted to let every one know that I have been on numerous forum and this one is the best.

    even though I'm on the bacteria level


    I never tought I would ever feel the need to post something so corny lol

    Thank you IJO for telling me about this site, well I think it was you
    25g Reef

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    Your welcome Sunray... I'm glad you like it... there are a lot of nice people here with knowlege and ideas realted to reefing who are more than willing to help if you ask the question. No matter how simple it might seem... if you don't ask.. your chances on getting an answer are next to none... lol

    There are not many forums in Canada let alone forums with members who try and help each other. (RAG in the US is also another great site)

    I'm trying to get the shopping cart done as fast as I can... but data entry is not the funnest part of e-commerce web sites.

    Everyone loves being a bacteria... unfortunately it only lasts for 5 posts ... then you get a promotion to Copepod (congrates :thumb: )

    It was me who invited you.. figured you could benefit as there are a few members closer to your area. I hear things are little on the expensive side over there and group shipments would be a good thing. Let me know if I can help you with anything.


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