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Thread: My Opinion

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    My Opinion

    I think this site is quickly becoming a society for those with aquariums over 180 - 200 gal range. IN MHO it takes quite a few days now to get answers to what may be the stupidiest questions for me, but the easiest for others to answer.

    I am kind of sorry that I have recommended this site to those just begining in the hobby....

    You all have become too much of a cliche and shut out the little guy quickly....unless we have the 200gallon with the 'sump room, cause the canister creates too much nitrate and thats whats wrong with your tank..'

    Just my opinion....and who cares what you really think

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    I'd say that you care.. and I don't have a 180+ tank. i have my 66 and my 30. I think you are mistaken! This is a great board with many different setups and lots of helpful friendly people. Ask away, it has been my experiance that you will get an answer!

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    Sorry you are feeling down about the site. I have a 29G and a 15G. Just bought a 75G. No plans to go bigger. I feel that I get great advice from folks here.

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    I Care. I think this is a great board and I think it serves large and small tank owners equally. I am sorry to hear that you feel that your questions are not be addressed. I myself answer many questions for beginners and small tank owners on a regular basis. We all had small tanks at one point or another.

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    AC is probably one of the best sites.

    Since I started this hobby 10 months ago the people of AC have been very generous in answering my question during the first few months when their advice mattered most.

    My tank is 45 gallons with a nitrate factory and no sump..pc lighting. Oh yea. !!

    I've only received helpful information from people on this board..even the "experts" take the time to answer newbie questions...even if it's are the same question over and over again from the newbs.
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    sorry you feel this way dazednconfused... if you could send me a message with reference to the threads you are referring to above... I could look into it myself... our current team spends countless hours on AC helping members like yourself who are seeking advice. In addition... 99% of the posts on this forum have advice from members who are not mods. Its not all about being a mod... everyone is welcome to give their educated opinion. you would be surprised how much can be learned from helping others.

    Unfortunately(or is it fortunately?) we are not as large as ReefCentral and some posts(very few) may take a day or two to get answered. If you find a post has gone unaswered... try psting a ^bump to get it back to the top of the list. HTH


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    Hey Dazednconfused! I am so sorry to hear you feeling this way. I am a newb, like yourself with only a 36g tank to show for it. If it weren't for this site, I may have gotten on the wrong path really fast. I understand sometimes it takes a little longer to get a reply than you would like but that's the way many forums are. If you find your question is not being answered, be persistant, it will get answered and with great explanation as well. I too am very much confused by the sump thing along with many other things some of the members are talking about. I just choose to read the posts out of interest but then I quickly realize, I am definately out of the loop on the conversations! But I do rely on the answers they give and always look forward to the replies I get. Hope this helps and I hope you stick around!
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    i started with a 72gal tank about a year and a half ago, and learned almost everything i know from these very forums. were it not for them, i would not be where i am today. i also do my best to return the favor by helping others who are new to the hobby by offering my advice and experiences. i find AC to be much warmer and friendlier than RC, and as proof of that, you can see that i'm not even from canada, yet i have chosen to reside here and only browse RC or other forums occasionaly.
    i dont see why it should upset you if you get similar advice from various people here (such as the canister) you should rather realize that there may be truth to what we are saying as everyone's experience is consistent and we may just be letting you know where we may have went wrong in the past (myself included starting with a canister) and would like to save you the $ time and effort not to make the same mistake.
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    WOW, I'm really sorry that you feel this way. I to am like ALRHA, I started at RC and then moved here because I found that my questions got alot more attention here. This site is alot more friendly than RC....Thats what I found any way. But that is just my experience.


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    your definatly mistaken. on the average on this site most people have smaller tanks[180g and under]. its natural to want to progress to larger tanks as you learn[or get addicted].
    why all of a sudden you think were a ''cliche'' is beyond me?? for every question I try to help with in the LARGE TANK forum theres 7 I'll answer in other forums.maybe you didn't immediate answers to something your asked but no need to bash this site? I;ve had MANY questions go un answered at RC [BIG SITE] just because of size of that site but I don't bash it.
    p.s you have a 100g tank and to many here and abroad thats considered pretty darn BIG!, plus a 50g

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