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    Holidays down south!

    Well.. im back...just thought id share... went for a few days in Orlando and a cruise on Royal Caribbean for a week. We stopped in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Martin.

    My wife and I went out snorkeling and did a "BOB underwater adventure"... the closest to scuba diving you can get. here is a pic of the machine. you sit on this self propelled machine with a scuba tank attached with pumps air into the fish bowl style helmet. so your like jet skiing around underwater... pretty cool... still kicking myself for not buying an underwater disposable camera.... so here is a few shots that i did get.
    ya...thats me in the

    a petty big ship....with a total length of 1,020 feet, a weight of 138,000 tons, and a capacity to hold 3,114 passengers with 15 decks

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    Cool! Looks like the weather cooperated for you! You should have waited til January so you wouldn't have to shovel!!!!

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    One of the guys I went to school with at marine is engineer on the mariner. Not bad for a fella from botwood who never left the Island until he got that job.

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    That looks like it could be alot of fun hehe!! Although id still like to get up close in scuba gear, thats just awesome!

    Hope you had a blast on your trip!

    20G Reef Tank (Starting again...)

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