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Thread: Marine Betta

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    Marine Betta

    At long last I have a new Marine Betta! Susan and I received one each this week from JL. Both arrived in great condition and mine is doing well, settling in with his tank mates. I'll post some pics as soon as (s)he gets over the shy stage.

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    I love my fellow so far. What an awesome fish, nothing like anything I've had before. He has an almost noble attitude. Is yours eating yet Xerces? I tried mine with some krill today but he definitely didn't recognize it as food.

    Mine was a bit more shy today than he was last night. He has taken over the ugly ceramic skull, it is his home now. Most of today he was in there peeking out and watching me. He likes to play in the bubbles too (I finally found a tank I can set up my bubble curtain in!). I'm going to wait a little longer before moving the lionfish over just in case.

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